About Daniel Daines-Hutt and Inbound Ascension

Are you ready to start smart retargeting to your audience?dan8

InboundAscension.com is the place to be for Retargeting Training, Conversion Funnels and making the most of the traffic you have

Here’s the deal:

If your fed up of sending traffic to you site and only converting 2% of your audience….

If you don’t have systems to bring in repeat or return sales…

Or you if you’re confused about the generic advice out there by “Big media” retargeting software companies

Then I’ll help you get to where you need to be!

So if you understand how retargeting “works” lets spin that on its head and show you how we use advanced retargeting funnels to take your business to the next level

How Inbound Ascension Can Help You Convert More Sales

I’m a big believer in the benefits of “low hanging fruit”and that for a Business or Marketer to be truly successful online, they need to leverage EVERY visitor to their website.

By implementing quality content, smart retargeting systems and automated conversion funnels, your business can continue to “ascend” your visitors from cold leads to warm customers

“From Cold To Warm, Warm To Sold:

Make The Most Of ALL The Traffic You Have”

retargeting funnel

Results from a clients 48hr Facebook Retargeting funnel flash sale

But with all the information out there, who can you trust?

All the guru’s swear by retargeting, but then they point you towards an affiliate link to a retargeting software company (at a generous commission)

And all the software companies provide information on… how to use their software!

So that’s where Inbound Ascension comes in. All the content we teach is tested case studies with super actionable follow along advice.

Simply follow along with the guides to implement for your own business!

And rather than just talk about retargeting a product to a user around the web, lets discuss how we use retargeting, content marketing and conversion funnels to:

  • Bring back more traffic
  • Ascend readers into customers
  • Increase your email lists
  • Grow your site interaction and more.

And since your here, have a FREE guide where we set up a retargeting funnel to a LOW traffic page (20 people) and saw a 7,245% ROI over the first week of use!

All you need is:

  1. A website
  2. A Facebook Business Page (We’ll show you how to make one for free)
  3. And 10 minutes playing at canva.com
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About Daniel Daines-Hutt


Inbound Ascension was founded by Daniel Daines-Hutt, an internationally recognized and certified Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and Marketing Consultant.

Daniel built Inbound Ascension whilst traveling New Zealand as part of a 66 day challenge to grow a business to 10,000 email subscribers and 130,000 site viewers.

That, and he is a HUGE retargeting Nerd and suffered major nerdrage at how bad the advice was out there!

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