Behavioral Segmentation Marketing: How To Drive More Traffic, Engage Lost Leads And Get More Sales With Ascension Retargeting

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on Retargeting to increase your sales conversions with from the traffic you already have: Today you’ll learn about “behavioral segmentation” and how its the future of online marketing

  • Part 1 – [Read It Here] – How we created a 7,245% ROI, off a single campaign
  • Part 2[Read It Here] – How an eCommerce store generated $18,750 in sales from $114…
  • Part 3[You Are Here] – Jedi Mind Tricks to laser blast your sales conversions today!

Retargeting for more sales is greatBehavioral Segmentation with Ascension Retargeting

But on its own its just a tool…

And tools are only as good as the artist who use them:

But if you can combine Sales Psychology, Retargeting AND Behavioral Segmentation

Bzzzzzzzz Whhhhummmm Whhuuummm

(Lightsaber noises)

You’re basically a mind bending Jedi


If you’re serious about converting lost leads into customers, then you need a proven system of why people buy, and the techniques to sell to them

Behavioral Segmentation allows you to understand exactly what your audiences needs, and deliver the right message at the right time, by measuring and delivering messages based on user actions…

Just imagine how powerful this can be for your business?

What effect could it have on your sales… if messages, content and ads are all delivered based on user behavior on your website

Even better?

Imagine if you can use this to improve the customer experience so that they enjoy being on your site and buying from you

Because this is the future of online sales, it doesn’t matter which industry you are in, be it:

  • Services
  • SAAS
  • Consulting or
  • E-commerce

Otherwise you’re going to be on the receiving end of an ad blocker, blowing your chances and wasting your hard earned dollars by sending more and more traffic for low converting sales…

Today you’re going to learn the 3-steps to build hot toasty leads, get more engaged traffic to your offers and convert lost leads into raving fans:

Keep reading to learn how…

Ascension Retargeting: How To Drive More Leads, Traffic And Sales By Giving Your Customers What They Want, When They Want It With ‘Behavioral Segmentation”

If you read our last case study HERE you will have seen how we helped a designer generate $18,750 in sales in 48 hours, with only $114 Facebook ad spend

The campaign drove traffic to a pre-sale offer, and then re-engaged the audience delivering content based on consumer behavior taken and continued moving them towards the sale

Content was only shown to those who had taken specific actions, building awareness and desire until the offer was made

Nothing was left to chance, all contingencies were met to ensure the best possible interaction and movement towards the offer

Once they met specific criteria, the next content was shown… and so on until the offer was made

basic ascension retargeting system

Basic Image and Overview of Sequential Retargeting Sequences based on behavioral segmentation automations

In just a few simple stages we conditioned those who saw our offer to be the most receptive to it…

We created the ideal customer by nurturing with along the “ideal path”

But we didn’t break down the actual ad spend before:

  • $90 in traffic generation
  • Just $24 in retargeting spend

That’s right

Only $24 to move our leads through a sequence of content to “pre-conditioning” them into the correct mindsets to buy

Because only those who saw the offer had reached key points in the relationship…

results after a behavioural segmentation retargeting campaign

Sales were…pretty good!

Even better?

Some of our readers took action on the post and saw results with basic retargeting on Point Of Sale

Ascension Retargeting results

Basic retargeting campaigns at Point Of Sale pay off…

Another took action building a sequence of retargeted events similar to the post

behavioural segmentation retargeting results of 22% ROI

Danny just crushing it by adding pre frame or “Ascension” retargeting…

That’s right:

A 22% increase in sales or an additional $16,000 sales attributed to those who ran through his “priming” campaign

But the best part?

We only skimmed the surface of whats possible…

Its true that Retargeting is an amazing tool

Its an incredibly powerful method of reengaging the 98% of traffic that leaves your site without purchasing

You can keep track of them and then deliver a reminder sales message to your audience

(On other platforms around the internet)

Standard Retargeting ROI can be around 200%, so if you’re not Retargeting already you should be!

But even building pre-frame campaigns or point of sale retargeting is highly under utilizing this resource…

Are you ready to go #full nerd mode?

The 3-Step System To Using “Ascension Retargeting” To Get More Sales And Convert Lost Leads

There are 3 key steps to Ascension Retargeting:

Step 1: Understand that sales and why people buy has not changed for hundreds of years

Step 2: The right message to the right person, at the right time, makes the sale

Step 3: Retargeting is NOT just for chasing people with shoe ads until they lose their minds…


Here’s why this method works so well (And why you’ll be a Jedi when you implement this…)

Retargeting is not just a tool for reminding of a product over and over until our customers are blind…

Instead its a way to re-engage with those who have raised their hand and shown interest

Who have visited and left…but still needed something from you

We showed that before with the preframe ascension campaigns:

Delivering content in a logical path to create the ideal customer mindset to buy

But you can take this faaaar deeper 😀

For Example

Lets say you own a retail store (maybe an old ma and pa store)

Different people come into the store each day

You wouldn’t just focus on those close to purchase and ignore the rest would you?

Of course not-that would be bad quality service

And if they didn’t buy…

You wouldn’t follow them around the street holding up that pair of jeans in the coffee shop window while they relax with friends… (I hope)

Because you realize that each of these people who walk into your store can be a potential customer…

IF you take the time and give them what they need

If you build the relationship and learn their needs…

If they already showed interest and the reminder didn’t work…what are their other objections?

Take Your Offline Sales Interactions And Replicate Them Online…

Why do we just focus on those who saw the product?…

And chase them from window to window with those jeans?…

No I’m not against followup and direct calls to action

I’m a big fan of direct response and I feel that everything you do should have an end goal

A specific call to action of some sort (With these posts its to download the upgrades and get more information)


But to truly offer a great service and make any “Sale” you need to follow these 3 steps

  1. Understand your audience, the sales process and how to sell to people/deliver what they need in your product AND your messaging
  2. Deliver the right message at the right time to help move them towards the sale
  3. Use retargeting as a medium to deliver your message BUT use it to deliver the message at the right time…

With Ascension Retargeting you can track users interactions and deliver exactly what they need to move forward, based on their behavior and depth of relationship

Track content they’ve consumed, content they have yet to interact with, measure their level of “relationship” with you and your business, and then deliver messages and content to fit…

Its behavioral segmentation 101

You deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time for them to hear it…but all on automation based on the consumers interaction

Reinforcing your message in a non sleazy, great customer experience

Much like a Jedi Mind Trick:

  • You can sequence the information and interactions you deliver
  • To condition an ideal response from your audience that benefits both them, and you

Because here’s the thing:

We know there’s a logical path to becoming the ideal customer…but people don’t always follow the path…

Search your feelings…

…you know it to be true

Step #1: Understand Why People Buy (And Don’t Buy)

Retargeting and sales is about relationships

There are several reasons why people buy and just as many why they wont buy

In principle your offer should reflect all they reasons they should buy… and then attach it to their core primal needs and desires…

…but it should also address all the reasons and objections why they don’t buy..and help the reader overcome them

“Advertising is Salesmenship. Its principles are the principles of salesmenship. Success and failure in both are due to like causes…”

Claude C Hopkins- Scientific Advertising

This is information we’ve known for years

But when we start using new tools online, its easy to get excited and miss or forget the fundamentals

Remember: Your Retargeting or any Marketing, is Salesmenship in Print

But often we forget how to actually sell…

Or even what our customer wants

But its not your fault…

Until recently retargeting was only available to large industries and media buyers

Big industry with large scale production and factory sales mentalities…

Which may be why the information and advice seems so…skewed

(To either promote 3rd party tools or very bizarre information)

With the advent of Facebook and other avenues, retargeting is now able to be used by any small business, for fairly low costs

Even if you run a low traffic offer, you can still reengage with your hard earned audience

But we seem to be obsessed with the reminder only…

But here’s the thing:

The reminders…

Those who buy from you retargeting reminder, chasing them with that nike shoe they checked out?

They’re the outliers…

They would have bought anyway but something came up and they forgot

I’m not against this, in fact if that’s as deep as you go with retargeting then go wild

You’ll make more sales from your audience

You have to understand why people dont you can change that

The 6 key objections to purchase

Lets be honest here:

Peoples interactions online are evolving

We have less patience and ADHD to your campaigns…

This maybe stems to a few things:

  • More use online and less responsibility or attachment
  • Poor interaction between the customer and the prospect

All too often websites are simply

“Who we are, and what we sell…”

Its like we’re saying (Usually by accident) that we don’t care about the audience

Your website should be about the audience and their benefits and transformations with your products… not about you but about them

We’ve got away for it for a long time but that times coming to an end

Look I’m not trying to be theatrical. Its just that when you skip the basics and the market evolves, you’ll start to see negative results with your retargeting

But you can start doing it correctly right away…

So what can you do to get ahead before this happens?

Its widely agreed that most sales happen in the 5th-12th interaction with a prospect (sometimes more for a higher ticket offer)

Those who buy immediately have already answered most of their objections and researched their position before hand

(These are the outlier’s that didn’t get distracted)

That or your offer is simply so well priced to them that it can be an impulse purchase…

…and this is why most retailers fail to sell online

Instead of marketing their offer they try to balance this out by undercutting their price

But in reality this simply devalues your original offer and statement, whilst training your customer to only buy when you discount and sets you off on a rocky relationship

Being the cheapest is not the best sales model UNLESS your margins can accommodate

(Otherwise its one of the quickest ways to go broke)

Instead you need to get back to sales fundamentals and learn the triggers that cause people to buy

I know this has been a little harsh so far

For that I apologize but I have one more hard truth

And when you read it, it will make TOTAL sense to you (One of those kick yourself moments):

If your ideal prospect visits your site, sees your offer but doesn’t buy… they need reminding to take action, or you failed to build the desire, trust or urgency for them to take action

Its almost obvious but we try to cut corners sometimes

I’m as guilty as anyone else

But the process of selling to someone offline or online, the sequence of events and interactions hasn’t changed for hundreds of years

Because these are the driving forces that cause societies to be built, innovation to take place and all art to be created…

  • They need to be aware of their problem
  • They need to be aware of the solutions
  • You need to build the desire to solve that problem
  • You need to build trust, reciprocity and authority that you can deliver that solution
  • You need to help them find your solution as the answer
  • You need to help them trust themselves and move past any barrier to act
  • And you need to light a fire under those who are slow to act…

If you can achieve these things, you’ll be hard pressed not to make the sale

You’re followup shouldn’t be just a reminder…

That will appeal to the outliers

But what about the rest of your audience?

You need to understand who your audience is, what they actually want, and why they didn’t take action

Everyone is different

  • Some of us need more time
  • Some of us need more trust
  • Often we don’t fully understand the problem, your solution or how it works
  • Or even how to get started with it (Could I even do it?)

To you, your service or offer is a no brainer

You understand the value exactly and what it can do for them

But your customers are not you. They think differently at different points in time.

Only focusing on 1 part of your audience will hamper your sales

But if you can truly understand them and deliver what they need to move forward?

That will open up a HUGE segment of your traffic, now and ongoing

And even more sales from the traffic you have…

But how do you do that?


Step #2: The Right Message To The Right Person, At The Right Time, Makes Sales

With the right amount of time, conversations and understanding of your audience, you could in theory sell anything to anyone

We just need to understand what drives them and attach that need and desire to that purchase to create a fire in them to take action

Yes they’ll have objections and need to trust you and what you sell, but this can all be achieved with the right message at the right time

Take Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Repeating the same conversation each day to find the right information to woo the girl of his dreams

  • Learning all he can about her
  • Changing himself to become the person she desires
  • Interacting at the right moments with the right actions…

Sales may be providing what they need

Marketing is helping them realize they need it:

 Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product. This is the copy writer’s task: not to create this mass desire—but to channel and direct it.

Eugene Schwartz- Breakthrough Advertising

The more specific and well timed your message is to your audience, the better

Which isn’t always easy…

In an ideal world your goal should be to educate and counter those objections and build interest and desire before your prospect ever sees your offer:

We only want to market to the customers who have raised their hands and have shown an interest so far in our service or product

This way the customer is primed on your offer but more importantly they are at the correct “State of awareness”

You “Enter the conversation they are having in their minds” at this moment…

It can be incredibly hard to not sit up, take notice and whip out that credit card when that marketing message is speaking your language, goals, dreams and desires with an unbeatable offer!

Journey Mapping for customer sales cycle

Kerry Bodine talking Journey Mapping for Moz

And you can do this too

Humans are driven by fundamental desires and needs. The same driving forces for hundreds of years

(Its the reason why a good knowledge of sales will help you understand the human condition and vice versa)

So when your marketing a product or service, its important to understand you’re actually solving a problem, resolving a fear or giving hope to desire

But also to try and understand what level of awareness of desire they have for you offer?

With Ascension Retargeting we use a system of Behavioral Response and Behavioral Segmentation

Knowing someone visited your offer and showing it to them is, although basic, still behavioral triggered

You looked at a product and so we remind you of that product

But what if we could gauge what level of interest you had?

If we could structure an ideal path or “Digital Relationship” for you to take

Based on proven psychological triggers and salesmenship to build trust, desire, awareness and more?

Yes this sounds almost like a sales funnel

Nothing new here

Or is there?

What if you could instead make your interactions dynamic?

  • Base levels of interaction and behavior to deliver a sequence of content designed to progress key stages of that “Digital Relationship”
  • If you could create triggers of actions to only deliver that content once specific circumstances had been met?
  • Once levels of relationship had been achieved?
  • So that those who saw your website were delivered what they needed at the right moment…nothing more nothing less but moving them towards your offers?
  • So that those who saw your offer were of the right level of awareness and interest?
  • And create contingencies so interactions were not missed?

All on automation…

Think about it:

Although 98% of traffic leaves without buying, most people fail to realize that the majority of that 98% never even get as far as your offer….

Those that do see your offer are usually not ready for it

That’s the reason for the followup

People are slow to act and need reminding, but more often that not you missed one of the key elements to sales environment

You failed to build trust, desire, awareness, urgency, reciprocity…

Be we don’t need to just fix these errors on the followup

We can build entire end-to-end retargeting systems instead

Systems to ensure those who see your offer are primed and ready

And for those that need followup get a more reinforced, more powerful message

Lowering costs on the followup and increasing sales…

Step #3: Retargeting is NOT just for chasing people with shoe ads

Retargeting is instead, pre sale, point of sale, and post sale

Its a multi tier, multi channel approach

Its re-engaging with your audience to help ascend them towards your offer:

  • Building the relationship
  • Getting their trust
  • Seeing you as the authority and
  • Changing the relationship with your visitors

Meeting key points on their journey to move them forward

By recognising and understanding what holds back your audience, you can deliver that in your followup

Not just a reminder offer but actually recognise their possible objections and move them towards a sale

We mentioned before, lowering your price can make the sale…

But you just drastically changed the relationship with them

You now conditioned them to buy from you at a discount…

Which is a bad habit to do and a poor way to start a relationship

In fact up to 70% of your profit can come from selling to previous customers:

How much more could you make if you dont teach them to buy on sale?

We said it before but Retargeting is an engagement tool

We can measure interactions and deliver the right message at the right time

By engaging at multiple touch points, not only do you cover most objections and build trust

  • You drive more people to your offer
  • Those that see it are primed and ready to buy
  • And your multi points of engagement help to grow the perception of your business for a fraction of the cost of ad campaigns…

You see:

Low sales online often reflect the fact that a cold or lukewarm lead has seen an offer too early

Before they’re ready, aware or have desire for your solution

By creating content and value in advance we can help move your prospect along and start to understand the solution themselves…

Its much easier to convert a reader who is already at the point of belief on their own, then it is to convert one who is simply not yet aware

Who has built up the desire for your offer. Who now believes what you believe

Its a simple fact that you can’t win an argument

You may quieten them or got an angry response-but you didn’t win…

They still think they are right

But that’s what you want. You want them to think they are right

You also want them to think the same thing as you

Its much easier to present them with the information to believe a number of smaller facts or interests going forward than one larger idea

A series of ideas so by the end they believe the same thing

To agree on smaller points of belief before the main offer

Because then they are so much more likely to say yes and believe your final offer

In fact, they are probably thinking:

“Wow all those facts are correct, if only I had something that could meet those new requirements and what I now believe”

And it so happens that your offer does meet those new requirements for them

Its not manipulative

Its simply being smart

Its pedagogy. Its the way teachers have taught for years in schools

Smaller broken down ideas towards a much larger idea. So that you can grasp the larger ideas when they are presented

Lets do an example:

Roofing is not sexy…

It doesn’t immediately appeal to our desires…or does it?

Lets say you want to sell high end, full roof installations

The most lucrative high ticket service you offer as a roofer

And you want to sell these to upper-middle class homes

Getting them to invest 80K in a new roof isn’t always easy…there’s always something more exciting or needed quicker before then

Which is why most roofers either do new builds or emergency repairs

There simply isn’t the drive or urgency before then…

So How Could We Build The Desire?

Step 1: Research the audience and what they actually want

What could be holding them back?

The roof is a large investment, it does make sense financially but i’m not interested right now

So we need to build an idea in their minds. Some desire to move forward…

Interview customers, read forums, get on blogs and try to get inside their mind

Step 2: Create the frame of mind to build the desire

So we could put together a document describing the top 10 ways to make improvements to the home to 5x its resale value

Those who are thinking of selling and moving up to a nicer house would be interested. As would homeowners who want to improve their homes in the mean time

You could include services and ideas you do, and others that you don’t. This is more about building value and trust in advance

It just happens that one of the main methods to increase the value would be to install a new roof

It would pay for itself in resell value, and also save you $xx,xxx in ongoing repairs over the next 5 years

A no brainer right?

So now you have them thinking about selling their home, moving to a new place but also improving their house

And that new roof is suddenly on their mind…

Most people would try and make the sale or a consult here

That’s wrong-its too soon. The idea only just formed in their minds

You want this desire to build up even more. To want more information. TO be unsatisfied without learning the next thing…

By offering your service now you satisfy that need weakly. They see they can call at any time and simply don’t… (We all procrastinate till the last moment)

Step 3: Continue to build the desire and indoctrinate with small asks/deepen the relationship

The next interaction could be information on the latest style of new builds

The current trends and in vogue designs…

(They already want to move. This tells us they want to compete with their neighbors…they want to “keep up with the joneses”)

The new article gives them the latest designs with a download of what designs are available to show your partner etc

It also walks you through step by step how to calculate what your costs might be

Heck it could even walk you through doing the full rebuild yourself…

Why do this?

Simple. Those who build themselves wouldn’t buy from you anyway.

They may do later to help finish the job etc

But you also have those who are now thinking IN FINE DETAIL all about that new roof…

You just built deeper desire but you also changed the relationship if they take that downloadable guide

The step by step information is making the information more tangible and its not just an idea now

Its “How are they going to take action” on it

The choice is no longer do I get a new roof…but rather which new roof? Do I build it or them?

More desire and interest…

Step 4: Meet the roadblocks to move forward and build empathy

The next piece could help face common objections to buy

How long it takes to build? Will it mess up my life you building it? Could you build it while we are on holiday? Can I trust you at my home etc

You can show case studies of previous customers and their new homes, along with the added cash their investment saved them

Heck even show the new house they moved to

GIVE them someone to compete with!….

Do you think after all this your prospect might be more interested?

That the new roof is suddenly incredibly important?

As an added bonus, by adding this additional content, bonuses and advice, you start to not only develop their awareness but you can change the current relationship…

Building trust, authority and reciprocity in advance

Those who move through this sequence are FAR more likely to buy:

Think of your Sales Process like a relationship because it truly is

In sales this process is called “Framing”…

You are producing an environment and mindset conducive to allow the prospect to receive your sales pitch

The quality of the frame, the value, the authority all helps to remove any doubts and fears, but also lowers friction and resistance…

Having your prospect read valuable content, to then share and comment, to optin and then attend further training, advice or education all helps to build that relationship and helps them move through ready for your sales offer

(If this sounds like overkill just imagine how many times you would go through a similar process EVERY time with a prospect in person…but online we can mass communicate each message)

But remember this ISN’T an ideal world…

Unfortunately in our current time period people don’t always follow a set path-they want the solution NOW but more often than not…they are not ready for it yet

That’s why “Weird trick” diets sell better than workout plans…

People want it now and want to skip ahead…

But in reality the workout will work far better and will still actually be the final solution in their journey

Others will simply leave without going through your “Funnel” or taking the ideal action

I call them the P.S Customer

No not that…

The Post Script Customer

The people who jump to the bottom of the sales page, to check out the offer without reading the message

And then they leave because they are not ready for what you have to offer…

But with retargeting (Banner/Image/Video/Content/Email) we have the ability to help guide them back through the most ideal path to becoming aware, and then becoming a customer

This helps build more touch points and solves the issues of lost focus and builds that relationship in advance

(Salesforce found ran a campaign on this. They sent out emails for an offer. 50% of the email list were also shown Facebook ads to reinforce the message

The result?

Multiple retargeting points actually boosted sales by a further 22% to those viewing on multiple channels rather than email alone…)

We’ve been testing this for some time now

Taking sales fundamentals and building automated engagement systems that dynamically change based on audience behaviour

We’re like the Borg

Resistance is futile (Had to get another nerd reference in)

But when done properly the thing is this…

The audience actually gets a better experience with us

  • No more shouting from the rooftops to buy, buy, buy
  • Less ad fatigue
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Higher ROI
  • More conversions at point of sale
  • Reinforced message in the followup…

Are you ready for some Inception level, meta nerdness?

This article and the 2 before it we’re an example of these methods…

We helped move you towards a system of belief

To build the desire and interest in your mind to start retargeting

More specifically to look at retargeting in a whole new light…

To change your thought of what retargeting actually is

“Meta” Example

With this 3 article sequence you’re reading right now, we drive traffic to our Premium Training option

The optin rate is between 40%- 62% of people who view the page

Because those who viewed the page are primed and interested in the offer


And our retargeted leads during our preframe cost on average $0.18 per new subscriber…

So the question is

Why aren’t you doing this yet? 😀


Retargeting is far more than a 1 trick pony

Customers are already complaining about repetitive ads…you know why?

Because it feels wrong

It doesn’t feel like you understand them, and customers want to feel special

But instead it feels like a spam bot 4000 just spewing out messages at us

We’re no longer special to you… 🙁

But you can change this:

Task List:

  1. Download the 5 step Retargeting Cheat Sheet above
  2. Leave a comment below of how you plan to use Ascension Retargeting to set up dynamic behavioral segmentation for your business
  3. Finally, do me a huge favor?… share this with a buddy who you know this WILL change their business


If you want to learn a step by step system of how to do all this:

The exact systems we use for our clients selling 5,6 and even 7 figure products and services online (yep that’s a single price not annual sales)

Then signup over to learn more about A.R.T:  The Advanced Retargeting Training Program to be notified when our Premium Training course is available


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