Retargeting Case Study Part 2: How To Use A ‘Hyper Specific Next Step Offer’ To Collect Up To 15% Email Optins From First Time Readers

This is Part 2 of a 3-Part series on dramatically increasing email optins and leads using Retargeting

  • Part 1 – [Read It Here] – How To Create A High Value Asset That Attracts Your Audience And Build Desire To Take Action
  • Part 2[You Are Here] – How To Use Hyper Specific Next Step Bonuses To Convert 15% Of Your First Time Readers
  • Part 3[Read It Here] – How To Convert 58% Of Your Lost Leads Into Low Cost Subscribers On Automation

Using ‘hyper specific next step’ bonuses is vital to getting more emails from your content

Its how we generate around 15% email optins from our initial readers and is a huge part of this method for higher leads

Because I like to make things as easy as possible and I know this guide is already a lot of work for you I have some good news

The ‘next step bonus’ you make in this chapter will be reused as your offer in chapter 3

Its how you’ll convert more initial readers of your content

And its the exact same asset you will use to also convert those lost leads in step 3 (Just presented a little differently)

Here’s how it works…

Segmentation And Specificity

You already know that you need to pair your hyper specific next step offer with high value content

Standard optin’s on websites are usually low because they have a generic offer aimed at appealing to a large section of the audience

In fact Sumome recently ran a study of the 520,000 websites that use their email capture tools

They have data of over 3.2 BILLION pop ups and optin forms

And the results?

With 520,000 websites optin data to study the average optin rate was…1.95% yeeesh

Generic offers don’t work nearly as well as a hyper specific offer

Segmentation of message is incredibly important. Right person, right message

Because in reality when someone searches for content and finds your site, they are interested in the subject they are reading right this second

We mentioned before you could add any old upgrade and maybe see some* optins

The exact same offer that gets us 58% optins on one page, was only getting 5% optins on the other page

Still twice as good as the average whooop!… but not good enough

Its the same audience that visits both pages but it doesn’t work nearly as well on a page not designed around the offer…

But by making the optin offer hyper specific to the content (and the next step to take) you greatly increase the number of readers who will take the offer

Just because they are reading your guide on copywriting doesn’t mean they want your leadmagnet about the top ten ways e-commerce stores can get traffic right?

That being said you still need to be more specific:

If the guide they are reading was “How to improve your headlines for more clicks” then a next step bonus dedicated to headline improvement will still out perform an optin offering an entire book on copywriting…

Does that make sense?

The offer has to connect to whats on their mind right this second

People reading your content are interested in that particular subject right now. They want to know how to get started using that copywriting headline tips a.s.a freaking p

They are in a ‘hot state’… so they want more of what you are ‘selling’ or talking about

(Similar to a Netflix binge where you watch an entire series one episode after another)

Its VERY hard to resist when the offer is the next thing that you already want…

By having a specific offer you give them the next step or action to take, and its specific to what they are doing right now

Hyper specific offers work incredibly well, but you also need to be strategic about how you present them…

The Principle Of Commitment Works In Many Areas

A lot of optin forms have all the information posted on the page for the reader to see

i.e they have a small box and they ask for your email up front direct on the page

Its only the 1 field to enter so it should convert ‘ok’ right?

Or worse some sites ask for a heap of information…

Yeesh no thank you!


Who wants or has time to fill out all this stuff right?

Not many people as it turns out

Because when you ask for this all upfront it causes ‘friction’ or resistance to take an action

(Even the single form alone has some subconscious resistance to fill it out)

And its proven to lower the already low optin rates that most websites get…

You always need to lower the resistance for them to take action…

Hubspot even ran a case study testing this:

They ran a campaign to check the conversion rates on their own site, for an optin form with different versions

In the test they ran versions showing a form with increased fields and other forms with less fields to fill out

Same audience, same offer just altered the number of fields to fill out

The results?

Almost a 10% decrease in conversions with just 2 more fields to fill out…

More fields (boxes) to enter meant far less optins

In fact just 2 more fields resulted in almost 10% less people opting in

And when you’re optin rate is only 2 out of 100 anyway, you really don’t want to be doing anything to make that lower right?

And so less fields means more optins

So the question is:

“How can you get rid of ALL THE FIELDS?”

Hyper Specific Offers work incredibly well because they have a ‘2-step’ optin system that works on the principle of ‘commitment’

The optin form is usually hidden behind a strong call to action or benefit

Only after clicking does the form appear and ask for the email…

It doesn’t seem like this would make much of a difference right?


The form on its own has a small amount of resistance to take action (Even with a single field to fill in)

…but because people have ‘started’ the process by clicking the CTA button, they feel committed to continuing and adding their email

They want to finish what they have started

Take a look at these 2 versions of the previous example with Jeff Goins home page optin form

Such a small difference but by removing the form and hiding it behind a click, you can see far higher optins…

How much more appealing is the 2nd variation?

You can get far higher conversions with a 2-step optin compared to a standard form

We’re already proven this with our own optin rates

But lets show another example

By moving away from 12 optin fields (yep 12 damn fields!) to just a 2-step optin button, Investor Carrot improved their optin rates by 46%…

Yep a 46% increase in optins in the investment field…

And I know what you ‘white paper’ people are thinking…

“But surely their lead quality drops down and people don’t fill out the other details!?”

Nope you can still get around it

You simply ask for the reader to fill out the additional fields after they have opted in because the commitment causes them to keep filling out the forms

Investor carrot simply added their many (Many) fields after the optin and asked them to be filled out…

That’s a LOT of forms to fill out right?…

You would think that all these forms after the optin would put people off?

Commitment and consistency is hard to fight against…

In fact have a guess how many people who opted into their form in step one, carried on and filled out the rest of the form?

Ask for all the information AFTER they’ve opted in…

99% filled out the form and 93% of those people became customers

That’s not bad eh!

Still super high quality leads but an almost 41% increase in volume from the original optins with still great quality and sales

Commitment and Consistency is so powerful, which is why you’re going to be creating 2 step optin forms to deliver your hyper specific bonus

You can collect far more emails with 2-step optin forms but they also have another added bonus…

Hyper Specific ‘Next Step Optins’ Raise Perception Of Value (And Authority)

Remember that when people read or share your content you want it to make a good impression on them

People make subconscious judgements and perceptions even without meaning to

That single optin field?

It causes a small subconscious resistance to take action, even if they want it

Likewise you need to be wary with the appearance of your content.

Because if it looks high value it’ll perform far better

And having a ‘hyper specific next step’ in your content helps raise the audiences perception of how valuable your content really is:

Notice how it improves the perceived value of the content…

You would think its not that important right?

But how your content looks on the page can make a HUGE difference in trust of your contents quality…

In a study by Northumbria and Sheffield University they looked at the ‘Trust and Mistrust of Health Sites”

They were trying to gauge how important perception of a site was to trusting the information on the site

Notice how perception and design is important…

The professors were worried that the average reader online doesn’t check their sources and information like a researcher

And they were totally right…

Instead they rely on specific trust triggers like length of content, images and quality of presentation (Oh look those 9 elements are included again!)

They tested a number of readers reactions then gauged their response

The readers would look at both ‘high quality official sites’ against a sample of very simple blogs with good presentation, to see if they trusted or mistrusted the information on each site:

Only 6% of people complained about the quality of the content (Which was weak)

The most problems people had were design or appearance based

In fact only 6% of people who stated a site felt untrustworthy even talked about the content quality!

Almost 94% of the subjects first reactions were based on design and presentation…

Most of them left the site or felt the content shouldn’t be trusted before they even started reading

See how important that first interaction is…

They even split-tested the exact same content on 2 sites 

They improved the appearance and presentation of the content on one site, and left just a text heavy version on another

One was just plain and the other had attention to images, layout and details and yet the difference was huge

The one with good presentation was far better received and the one with poor presentation was deemed untrustworthy

Same freaking content…

First impressions of content make all the difference to the perceived value

People judge the visual presentation first before they waste time on reading the content

Just by adding content specific next step offers, you can improve their perception AND change your conversions over night

But there’s one more hidden benefit to them (And then I’ll show you how to make them step by step)…

Micro Conversions Build Trust And Commitments For Higher Sales

Here’s something crazy:

We already know that getting the email is valuable right?

You own the channel and can make more sales etc because the conversions are so high

But did you know that getting the email also makes them more likely to by from you

…even if you never ever emailed them?

Its similar to the commitment principle earlier

Because when people say yes to one thing they are almost 40% more likely to say yes to the next thing

Getting the email means they are more likely to say yes to a call to action later on…

Cialdini covers this also in his book ‘Influence’

In multiple scientific studies that found that if they got the audience to agree to one smaller task early on, they would improve the amount who would agree later on

In a split test by Sherman in 1980 they asked one group to help volunteer 3 hours of their time to the American Cancer society

Of those asked, only 4% agreed

The other group were asked

“Hypothetically if you were asked to volunteer help in the future, would you say yes?”

They didn’t have to do anything right now

Just hypothetically if asked would they help… and so this got them to take the action of replying yes or no

A small action to take but the actions results were definitive

3 days later the same group were then asked to donate 3 hours of their time…

Almost 31% of the 2nd group donated their time, compared to the 4% who didn’t have the micro commitment experience in advance

By collecting your audiences email you can make more sales, and yes you can re-sell to the same customers

But the simple act of getting them to take that initial low resistance action makes them almost 40% more likely to buy from you later on

Can you see how powerful this is for your email collection now?

So lets show you have to set all this up…

How To Make And Deliver Your Hyper Specific Offer

OK so the first step is to decide on what your offer will be

The optin needs to be of value and highly specific to the content that you add it to (Generic just doesn’t perform as well)

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the logical next step for my reader to take?
  2. How can I give them a quick win to take action on?
  3. What do they realistically want to do, right after reading this?

You don’t need to overthink this

Here are some simple examples:

It can be a video showing in more detail what you just discussed

A video can help show more complex steps in a fast process or more detail

For this very guide we break down all 3 chapters into actionable videos so you can take action after you’ve opted in 😉

A video is a great way to add further value easily…

Don’t need to make a video?

Then why not try…

It can be a checklist of how to do the steps you covered

A checklist is a super easy way to take a longer guide and break it down into the steps to follow

A great example of a checklist that will convert, over on

You can make a simple checklist in under 5 minutes, and convert far more readers into subscribers

Want to use open loops even more?

Why not tease out an exclusive few extra bonuses available only when they optin?…

It can be the same guide but with added bonus steps

Teasing extra content is a huge value addon

Ooo even more curiosity to optin!…

You can have a whole list of valuable steps on your content

But as an added bonus you can offer even more exclusive bonuses only after they take your offer

The key to remember is that your upgrade doesn’t need to be huge.

You don’t need a whole 27 page e-book

You just need a single page checklist.

Something that they will think “Oh yeah I’ll get that and use it right now!”

In should be something simple for them to take immediate action

(The irony is that less then 10% of the people who optin for it will ever use it. Some people just want it ‘just in case’)

But the key when choosing what to offer, is that it should be so that they can take an immediate action right this second.

They probably won’t take the action but you will motivate them to take the optin, so that they can take the action later on at some point…

What you need to do now is simply decide on what is the next step your audience needs to take, so that you can make your specific offer in just a second

So go ahead and ask those questions:

“What is the next step you need to offer them?”

Have you decided?


Now that you’ve decided what to offer,  here’s how to make your hyper specific bonus…

Hyper Specific Bonus (Version 1): How to Make A Checklist/ PDF/Copy of Your Guide

I told you this can be easy

Almost all of the checklists, copy of guide’s, PDF bonuses are literally just a PDF version that someone can download…

…but its all pretty much the same document style

You just need to make the same type of document each time, and then save it as a PDF

Simple right?

I make all of my PDF type bonuses with a free writing tool called OpenOffice. (Its basically a free replacement rather than using Microsoft)

I’m sure whatever document program you use, it probably is capable of saving documents as PDF’s

So the first thing I do for a ‘document type’ offer is go write it out in OpenOffice

Draft out the document first…

Then go ahead and make the draft look better by adding header images etc

In the top menu select Insert> Header > Default to give your document space at the top to add the image like so:

Select this to open up a new space at the top of the page…

Now that the Header space has been made, simply insert your website logo to easily make the document look more official

Make sure the Header area is selected first by clicking on it

Then from the menu select Insert > Picture > From File and choose a picture to add into the document

Make sure the Header area is selected first…

Then just find the image on your computer that you want to use and add it into the document

(Don’t worry if it looks lame now. When you save it as a PDF it looks much better)

The document looks much better when presented as a PDF, that’s why we share it as a PDF and not a word document 😉

You can go ahead and add a few more images if needed its totally up to you

The last step is to simply save the document as a PDF

Head to the top menu and look for the red PDF Export button and click it

Simply click the ‘Export As PDF’ button

And its that easy!

Now just quickly open up your PDF to see that it looks OK before you use it

Find the PDF you just made and check it out before you use it…

Looks good so far!

You can go ahead and improve yours, add more images or fancy fonts

But can you see how easy it is to make a document version bonus?

If you wanted a copy of your own guide or article you would simply copy the blog post, paste in into open office and then save as a pdf


All you need is a professional looking document to give them at the end and you can see far more optins

So that’s a document bonus lets quickly cover how to make a video bonus upgrade…

Hyper Specific Bonus (Version 2): How To Make A Video Bonus

OK so what if you have more steps or want to add a video?

Sometimes a 3 minute video can be much simpler than 35 pages of a PDF

Well for video and image capture, I like to use a tool called Snagit

(One time fee of $47 but you can get a 15 Day free trial here)

The 1 tool I recommend all content writers to have…

Snagit it so, so helpful when writing content I cannot recommend it highly enough

It saves me hours of time when creating new content and actually helps me produce a better finished product, faster and easier

(We buy it for all the staff on our team its that good)

Remember that for High Value Content you need images, references and explanations right?

I use Snagit to make all the images and screen caps and videos on this very site.

It shortens my writing time considerably and if you write more than once a month I recommend you get a copy or an alternative option

I can simply select an area of a page, take a screenshot with it and then edit directly and add it into my post less then 60 seconds later like so:

You can add images, you can make gif’s, you can create videos its simply awesome

Before that I would have to:

  • take a full page screen cap,
  • open that screen cap in photoshop,
  • cut out the area I wanted,
  • delete the rest of the content,
  • save the previous content in a new document,
  • give it a border,
  • add in text and colours etc

It was a HUGE amount of effort to add just a few images, but when you add as many as we do?…

…You can imagine the time we saved

With snagit I capture the region, click the border button, add text, hit save and then add it to my article like in the example above

I can do this literally as I’m writing and not lose my flow

Snagit can also record screencast videos (i.e a video of your screen) or it can record your webcam (i.e a talking head of you walking them through a problem)

You can even then save that video as a gif (like we did above)

So to create a video bonus you simply:

Select the area of the screen that you want to record

Then on the left hand side you can see the video option. Be sure to select this so you record a video and not a screenshot

Select the video option on the left first…

Then you need to decide on if you are filming a screen capture of the screen, your webcam of your face, or if you want to record both (So that people can see your face as you also share your screen)

To record the webcam (To show your face) simply press the webcam button to see a new option window

Click this to turn on your webcam and record…

Most of the time you usually record the screen only

To record the screen click the drop down window that says selection and choose either:

  • Region (Which allows you to record a set area) or
  • Window (Which will record the entire screen)

I prefer to use the region option as I can make sure that I don’t include any other web pages at the top frame of the image by accident

Be sure to choose ‘Region’ so that you can specify which part of the screen you want to record

Once you select that option, the blue interface will disappear and cross hairs will show on your screen

Click and drag the shape to select an area that you want to record

The first click sets the start of the boxed area, the 2nd click finalises your choice

Click the area of the screen to record and a timer will start counting down

After 3 seconds the area will start to be recorded

Get yourself ready to record…

Its as easy as that

All you need to do now is record your video bonus

I like to walk the reader through each step on the video. But you might only need to show a video of how to set something up

Super easy to make them right?

The only negative with Snagit for video is that you can’t do too many edits, as its not a dedicated video recording and editing platform

But for simple explainer video bonuses its very easy to make and so, so cheap

(Snagit also owns Camtasia which is around $200 or more)

Then when the video is finished click blue square underneath the recording area to stop the recording like so:

Click the blue button to stop the recording…

Give the video a second to buffer and it will load in the editing interface

From here you can save the video as it is (or choose to save it as a gif if you wanted to add it inside of content)

And that’s all there is too it

You now have a video bonus that you can use

Upload it to a video host like Wistia, Vimeo or Youtube so that you can then use it later


If you do use Youtube be sure to make the file ‘hidden to public’ so random people don’t find your exclusive bonus by accident

Super easy right?

And yet it adds a HEAP of value to your audience

So now that you have your bonus made you need to be able to deliver it to your audience when they optin

Because of the way that step 3 works you’re going to deliver these bonuses on an exclusive page on your website…

How To Create the Bonus Page (For Your Readers To Get Their Bonuses)

This page is designed solely to host your bonus

An example Bonus Page…

It doesn’t need to look too pretty it just needs to do its job of giving your audience their bonuses when then arrive

You don’t want them to be able to find this any other way or get access to it any other way. It needs to be of value and have that exclusive access

A simple way to make sure of this is:

  • You only ever link to it in the email you send to them
  • You make sure that Google cant ‘index’ the page so they cant see it in search engines
  • You remove social share features from this page!

If you don’t make the content hidden then people can find it by accident

First thing is to make the page

Head across to WordPress site and log into the back end

On the left hand side select ‘New Page” (and NOT new post as these can be added to your blog automatically by accident)

Be sure to select new page and NOT new post…

First thing to do is we want to make sure that Google does not index this page

Now most themes won’t have the option to not index a single page…

Instead they give this silly option under the settings to not index any of your website pages


You DON’T want to change the site wide setting as this will make your entire site not show up in Google

That’s not good at all for your traffic

Instead you can use a simple plugin whee you can dictate which pages are ‘indexed’ (Show up in Google) or ‘No-indexed’ (Not seen by Google when people search for them)

Go ahead and install the Yoast SEO plugin

This plugin is extremely helpful

If you don’t have it yet simply go across to the menu on the left

Scroll down to plugins and ‘Right-click” and select ‘open in new page”

This will allow the plugins page to load in a new tab so you don’t lose the new page you are working on

Then in the top right search bar search for ‘Yoast SEO” and then click install

Once you have the Yoast plugin installed scroll down your new page and you will see these options:

Select the ‘NOINDEX’ option

Look for the cog/gear on the left and select it to show the advanced options

Then click the drop down menu and select ‘noindex’. This will tell all search engines not to index this post so it can’t be found in search by accident

Finally the last step is to ensure that your social media functions are not live on this page

This part may vary depending on what social plugins you use etc

I use a ThriveThemes WordPress theme and so it is built into the actual page itself

If you have the same (or maybe check if something like this is on your theme) simply scroll down the page and look for the Social Share options for that page:

Make sure to turn off the social share functions…

OK brilliant

You’ve now done everything you can to stop the page from being found by accident

Now it time to actually add the bonus content to the page

Remove Ambiguity: Give It A Clear Heading And Let Them Know Exactly Where They Are

First thing to do when designing your bonus page is to help them know they are in the right place right away in the headline


Well when people have opted in and are given a link, it takes them to a new page right?

And you remember those first subconscious judgments they make?

Their biggest fear when landing on a new site from link, is just to make sure they are at the right place

You’ve seen the horror stories of stolen identity etc

The last thing they want to do right now is click a link in a dodgy email and go to a weird website that steals their stuff etc…

Its not going to happen here, but you also want them to feel safe and comfortable

So let them know they are in the right place ASAP

Do this by giving the page a heading and acknowledge them, and the action they just took

The easiest way is to simply refer to the bonus they just opted in for

(You don’t want them to come to the page and it feel weird, the wrong site or not trust you)

Immediately address that they are in the right place…

Keep The Same Aesthetic

If at all possible always use the same images on the bonus page, as you use in the optin form or article

Again you want to help them make sure they are int right place

See how its similar to the article and ad campaigns?

Its important to make sure these images and styles match

Next you need to light a fire for them to use the bonus (If you want them to actually use it of course!)..

Remind Them Why They Are There

Now that they know they are in the right place it would be awesome if you could get them to take action right?

One of the most important things I heard from Frank Kern was “You have to sell FREE”

Even if you’re trying to give something to them totally for free, you still need to sell it

Technically at this point you already have their email address…

But wouldn’t it be great if they took the action?

If they followed the steps and got some results?

If they actually looked at the catalogue they just opted in for?

Be sure to sell them on why they are there…

Give a quick intro into the benefits of this optin (So they know why they are there)

Make The Draft

It takes a little work to add the documents and videos etc for your hyper specific bonus

I much prefer to draft a layout of the document first

And then go and add in the bonuses afterwards:

Map the layout first in a draft and then add the files afterwards…

Once the draft layout is in place I can go ahead and add the files

How to add PDF Files for 1 click download (into your page)

If you have a document or PDF as your hyper specific bonus, then here is how to upload it into the document so your reader can get it

What we need to happen is make sure that when the reader clicks the link, it auto downloads

You also want to noindex the PDF so that people can’t find it with a quick Google search and bypass the optin

First thing to do is to upload the file onto your site

Right click the add new media section to open it in a new tab

Make sure to open in a new tab to not lose your page…

This will load up the add new media section

You can either drag the file onto the screen to add it or click ‘Select Files’

Then search for the file on your laptop and select the file for it to be added

Add the PDF document to your media section FIRST…

Once it uploads you should see it below the bordered box section

On the right had side you can see a hyperlink to edit the document

Click ‘Edit’ so that the document opens up

Select the ‘edit’ button to noindex the pdf

Once you click edit a new page will open where you can edit the document

Scroll down to the bottom and look for the SEO Yoast plugin

Again do the same thing as before and click the cog for the advanced features

And then select the ‘noindex’ option

Remember we are only doing this for the documents we don’t want google to index so that people find by accident

If it was a free pdf not behind an optin then you wouldn’t bother doing this

Select the ‘NOINDEX’ option

OK so now that’s done head back up to the top of the page

On the top right you should see the URL where the document is stored on your site

Select the URL and right click and select ‘Copy’

Copy the document URL so you can insert it into the download page…

Got the URL?

Awesome. Now head across to your ‘Bonus Download Page’ and highlight the area relevant to this document

(In our example this was a checklist for Part 1 of the guide)

Your going to highlight an area for your reader to click. When they click it, the PDF will automatically download to their phone/laptop etc for convenience

You could use a custom image or you can simply highlight an area of text to click

Highlight the area you want them to click

Then press the ‘add link’ button in the top menu and a box will appear to add your URL

Add the URL for the link and hit save

Then all you need to do is make sure that the link works

Save the document and load up your bonus page to check the link

(You should see the link as another color now so scan down the page to the correct place and give it a click)

When clicked a popup will open up asking them to save or open the PDF

And that’s it for adding documents

But what if you need to add a video to your download page instead?

Super easy…

How To Add Video Bonuses To Your Download Page

So you’ve maybe got a video bonus for after they optin

These are super easy to add into your page

You should already have a location where you want to add the video (From when you drafted out the page)

You could in theory upload the video directly to WordPress but this can be intensive for a large file and slow down your site

So instead you need to upload it to a 3rd party site like Wistia, Vimeo or Youtube

(I prefer the Wistia Or Vimeo as Youtube has the habit of distracting the audience away from the site and onto cat videos with its next suggested videos to watch etc)

In this example we use Wistia

So once the video is uploaded simply search for the ‘Embed or Share’ Option

(Every video host will have this option somewhere once uploaded)

Search for the Embed/Share option…

In Wistia once you click this a pop up will show with various options

All you need to do next is highlight and then right click and ‘copy’ the embed code

Copy the Embed code so you can install it in a second…

Then you just need to go install it on your download page

Go back to your download page

At the top of the document in WordPress you will see 2 options:

‘Visual’ and ‘Text’

The normal view when editing is the ‘Visual’ mode

To make sure there are no errors you need to upload your embed code while the document is in the ‘Text’ Version

Simply click the Text button and the document will change into its HTML version

(Don’t worry about the extra content you see, this is all the code for the spacing etc just leave it as is)

Find the area in your document to add the embed code…

Now here’s the thing

It doesn’t matter where you were looking in your content in the ‘Visual’ mode

When you click the ‘Text’ button the blog post will convert to the HTML code BUT it will also take you back up to the start of the document

Which is why you need to scroll down and find the area that you ‘drafted’ for the video to go

Once you find the area for the video to go simply select the area

Then make sure to give yourself space above and below and paste the code into the page

(Because ‘Text’ mode is the code version  of your page, it reads the page a little differently.If you don’t leave a space it can stop the video from showing up properly)

Enter the embed code and be sure to leave a space at the top and bottom…

Be sure to leave that space so the code works

Then scroll back up the page and click the ‘Visual’ button. The page should load back up as normal

Now scroll down to see if your video is there

It may look weird at first or be aligned to the left like so…

Did the video embed correctly?..

Don’t worry the video will look better in the live version of your page

Simply save the page and check the preview to see how it should look now its finished…

(Oh and don’t forget to delete the draft section that told you where your video should be placed)

Don’t forget to delete the draft part… 😛

And that’s it for uploading videos to your download page

Told you it was easy right?

OK so now you have:

  • Your Hyper Specific Bonus decided and made
  • Your Download/Bonus page

Your Hyper specific offer is all finished and set up to be delivered to your audience

That means its time to create your 2-step optin form AND a ‘confirmation/burn’ page

The 2-step optin will help collect the emails from your recently upgraded content in Step 1 of this guide

The confirmation page helps to stop people from opting in with bogus email addresses AND it is also the trigger to stop the campaigns from running in Step 3

(Don’t worry I walk you through all the steps)

Collecting All Those Emails

So you can use a few tools for this but I use Leadpages and nothing else

The only email capture tool I recommend and happily pay for…

I’m not here to tell you what to buy, but I can share my experience

I’ve tried Free tools to do this but they had issues

The code was so large it slowed down the website, causing visitors to leave (Who I had paid cash to get there via paid ads and weeks of content writing)

I’ve tried 1 time payment tools and they would break without warning

This meant I would  lose hundreds of emails per day (Which could be potentially tens of thousands in revenue)

Remember that email is the most effective sales channel

But it takes effort to get that person to fill out your email form

There is a heap of resistance for them to fill it out, the last thing you want is the damn thing not to work

(Not to mention it reflects poorly on your website when something is broken like this)

This is why I use Leadpages because it works all the time

It even has some other benefits

I use Leadpages to make:

  • Sales Pages
  • Squeeze Pages for Step 3
  • Confirmation Pages etc

Even our Home Page is built on Leadpages as it allows me to add a 2-step optin on the front page for new visitors (Like we suggest Geoff should implement before)

How does it do?

21% optins for a cold audience…

Our home page is a Leadpage and converts at 21% of our cold audience…

There are a heap of features but the main tool I use is their ‘Leadbox’ feature

I would be happy paying for this and nothing else to be honest, mainly because they work so damn well…

Yep that’s the conversion rate on our top ‘Leadboxes’…

A ‘Leadbox‘ is their version of a 2-step optin where you click and then the optin form appears

There’s a heap of customization also

You can create a hyper link text with a call to action…

You can create text versions…

When the user clicked the text shown on the right, the pop up would show and then collect the email

Or you can use it to create a 2-step optin with an image

If someone clicks on the image then the pop up appears

Here you can see an image version…

Or you can even just create a simple Call To Action button (Like the good ol’ days eh)

Create a 2-step button CTA…

You can even create pop up versions when someone scrolls to a specific part of the page or exit intent popups to show when people are about to leave

You’re going to create a simple hypertext 2-step optin in just a second for your content…

But before then you need to create your confirmation/burn page

It seems a little backwards to do it in this order

The reason you make your confirmation page first is because Leadpages will ask for a page to send people to after opting into your hyper specific offer

And so by having the page ready it saves you going back and forth…

How To Create Your Custom Confirmation/Burn Page

Log into your Leadpages account  (You can get an account here)

From the dashboard select “Leadpages” in the top menu

Then at the top right click the blue button that says ‘Create New Page’

Select ‘Create New Page’…

A new page will load with a whole heap of leadpages templates to choose from

You have the option to use any page or template

You can even use one of their new ‘drag and drop’ custom build pages so you can make something cool looking like Derek Halpern uses…

Later you can create a custom page if you desire…

For now though make it easier for yourself

Simply select ‘standard’ pages from the top left

Then find the top right search bar and search for ‘confirmation’. This will bring up a page custom designed to help people confirm their email:

Find the pre-made confirmation page to use for now…

Why bother with a confirmation page?

There’s a few reasons

Some email providers ask for it as standard

Another reason is you don’t want people adding fake emails to your database.

They are pointless and your email provider will charge you based on the number of emails on your database.

You don’t want to be paying for fake emails each month right?

Also it affects the ‘deliver-ability’ of your emails…

Every time you send an email out to your list and it bounces or goes unopened it affects your spam rating or ‘deliver ability’

As your spam rating goes up it means that the emails for your actual customers stop going to their inbox

They go in their spam filter instead and you lose sales

But by getting them to double confirm AND open an email almost right away, it helps to lower your spam rating thus making your email delivery better

Win:Win for your emails and your bank balance

There is slightly more resistance to go to their email account and confirm but remember the commitment and consistency principle

The majority of them will go and confirm AND you’ll ensure your subscribers and deliiverability are a much higher quality

So select the confirmation page template that is up on Leadpages for now…

Once you edited how the page looks its time to save it

At the top of the page click the text that says ‘Page Name’ and a new box will pop up

Give the page a name (Don’t worry about the URL section)

Then click ‘Save’ and then ‘Publish’ in the top right of the page

Save the page before you can use it

This page should now help to stop spam emails in your account

Once you click publish it will show a number of options. Don’t worry about them for now

We’ll be coming back to this page later on

Now its time to create your 2-step optin, and then install it inside your article…

How To Integrate Your Email Provider With Your Leadpages Account

Before you can capture any emails you need to integrate your email provider with Leadpages

This way anyone who optins from your content is then added to your email database

You can be notified they have opted in, you don’t lose any emails via some weird transfer system and you can then set up email automation’s for that new subscriber

Personally for email marketing I use Active Campaign:

Active Campaign is the bomb for low cost, advanced email marketing…

There are a LOT of good options out there but Active Campaign pulls ahead for me

  • It costs less then most other Email CRM’s
  • It charges your per unique subscriber and doesn’t charge you for each different list that they are on
  • It has email retargeting capabilities so you can send emails based on page views 😉
  • It has advanced automation systems that you would usually see in a $2000 infusionsoft type provider but for $9 per month instead
  • They are awesome people-I requested a feature and it was added to the platform within a week!

OK lets quickly show you how to integrate Active Campaign with your Leadpages account

In the top right of your Leadpages account you can see your user name

Click your name to open a drop down menu and look for the ‘Integrations’ option and click it

Find the integration section to add your email provider

This will open up a new page with a whole heap of integration options

Scroll down until you find the correct email provider that you use and then click on the image for it

Find the email provider that you use…

A new page will open and ask you for 2 things:

Your API URL and your API Key

Keep this page open for now…

Both of these can be found in your Active Campaign account. Keep this page open for now, and we’ll go ahead and get this information

Click this link HERE to open up Active Campaign in a new tab

Once logged in click on your user name in the top right of the page to access the drop down menu

Then click on ‘My Settings” to open up a new page

Find the settings option and click it

On the left hand side of the new page is a new menu

Scroll down the menu until you see the ‘developer’ option

Find the developer section…

Click this and you will load up a new page

At the top you should see both your API URL and your API Key

(I’ve blurred mine in the image just incase)

One at a time, copy and paste the API info across into your Leadpages account

Copy and paste them one by one back over in your lead pages account

(Be sure to leave this page open for now as you’ll need this information again when you connect your new leadbox)

Click confirm and it should reload the page and let you know that it is now connected

All connected whooop!

And that’s it

Your email provider is now connected to your leadpages account

So now its time to create your 2-step optin to install in your high value content and collect more leads…

How To Capture The Email With Your 2-Step Optin

In your leadpages account click back onto the dashboard/main page

At the top of the page click on the text that says ‘Leadboxes’ to open up a new page

Then on the top right select “Create Leadbox”

Its time to create your own 2-step optin…

This will load up a new screen and ask you to name your new leadbox

Give it a name you will remember that’s also relevant to the current article

(When you see how well these work, you’ll be making a LOT of them so give it a specific name)

Don’t just give it a generic name…

OK so once you click the ‘Start Building’ button, the brand new leadbox editing feature will load up

There are a whole heap of options and customizations you can add

For now the first thing to do is remove all the additional fields so that all you have is the email field

A single field has the lowest resistance to optin (And you can always get the other information afterwards)

Remove those additional fields for now…

To remove those additional fields click on the section that says ‘Name” on the form preview

It will open up a new window where you can adjust some settings on the left hand side of the screen

Make Sure Your Leadbox Is Integrated

The first thing to do is to make sure that this new Leadbox is integrated with your Active Campaign account

(It should be fine but just incase)

Click the option ‘Integrations’

This shows up some new options on the left hand side. Look for the option labelled ‘Add An Integration’ and click that:

This loads up a drop down menu

Select the option labelled ‘More Services’

This loads up a new page where you can select which email account to integrate

You should be able to see your Active Campaign integration and just select it

Click the Active Campaign button (Or look for it in the options)

Now it should load up the next page and you can select your account you already have set up

If you can’t see the account then simply click the ‘Add New Account’ button

This loads up a new page

You should still have your Active Campaign developer page open

Go ahead and add the API details that you added earlier:

That last thing to do is make sure that this account is selected and that you attach the right email list form to this leadbox…

Head back over to the integration section on the main page

Make sure that your new Active Campaign integration is selected

This will then load up a list of email ‘forms’ that you have created for that account

Be sure to select the form that corresponds to the email list you made for this hyper specific offer and then click the blue ‘Done’ button:

Now that the form is all integrated its time to edit the layout of the Leadbox

Go ahead and select Part 2 (Fields):

Go ahead and edit the fields section first…

Go ahead and delete the additional fields by selecting the garbage can

You should see the form preview on the right hand side change to reflect this

Then select Part 3: ‘Followup” to decide what happens after someone enters their email

This will load up some more options for you to choose from

Go ahead and select ‘Leadpage” as the option of where to send traffic to

Then in the search box type in the name of the confirmation page you made earlier. (It may also appear underneath as previously made pages)

You want people to go to the confirmation page after opting in…

Make sure you use the confirmation page you made earlier, and not just a generic page

Your going to use this page to stop fake emails but its also going to be used as a ‘trigger’ to start or stop campaigns in Stage 3 so its very important that you use the correct page…

OK so now the integration is set up, you can tweak how it looks

To be clear, this is what the pop up will look like after someone has clicked (You will edit what it looks like before they click in just a second

Go ahead and improve the headline so that its more enticing and benefit driven

If you have an image of the bonus then include that also so they get an idea of what they are getting

(Remember you have to sell ‘FREE’ so make them want to carry on and fill out the form…)

Be sure to make your optin form more enticing…

This is the 2nd step of the optin form finished

Once your form is all edited hit the ‘Publish’ button at the top of the page

This will load up a new menu and allow you to edit what the ‘front end’ or Step 1 of your 2-step optin looks like

For now just select ‘Plain Text” as your call to action button

This means you can create a line of text which when clicked, will show the pop up you just made

Select ‘Plain Text’ for now…

In the box write a compelling call to action for someone to click

Then press the blue ‘<> get Code’ button to show the embed code

Copy this code and we’re going to go install it in your high value content from Step 1

Copy the Embed code to insert on your guide…

Now that you’ve got that code its time to install it into your high value content

Its almost identical to how you installed the video embed on your bonus page with a slight exception…

How To Install Your 2-Step Optin Into Your Content

OK so the installation is almost identical

Its the exact placement that you need to be strategic with…

Because your high value content is now ‘Long Form’ this means you need to add this 2-step optin at multiple points

I like to add mine into 3 places:

  • At the end of the post with the call to action/conclusion so readers can click
  • Midway through the post
  • Near the top of the post just after the teaser and before the introduction as a ‘pattern interrupt’

By having 3 locations for readers to click it makes it easier for them to find the optin offer when reading

It would suck to have to scroll all the way back to the top just to click for example

And you should ALWAYS have a call to action or next step at the end of your content…

…its why the Hyper Specific Next Step Offer works so well right?

Always give the reader an action to take next…

Also having it show up a few times helps to set the idea in their mind to click the optin

By having an offer near the top of my post it means I sometimes I get optins from the initial 15 seconds on the post (So people who would have perhaps bounced and saved for later, optin in now)

Get early optin’s from those who save to read later…

And having it in the middle of the post helps pick up any readers who might leave before they finish

OK so now you know where to put your 2-step offer lets show you how to insert actually it into your article

Log back into your article on WordPress

Scroll down through your document and if you don’t have it already write a draft place IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS where you want to insert your bonus

Mark the location for your optin form


Well you’re going to have to embed your optin offer  in ‘Text’ Mode again which can be difficult to find the right location

By having the draft spot in the right place in advance, you can then find it easier in text mode

Go ahead and do the same for the CTA near the bottom of the post and any other areas you want to include it (Don’t go too crazy tho eh…)

Now that you’ve marked the areas scroll back up to the top of the article and select the “Text’ mode option

This will automatically start you back at the top of the article

Now you need to scroll down and look for the section that you marked for your hyper specific offer

(Alternatively if you can remember what you wrote you can use CTRL + F to open the search bar)

Then you can use that to search for the exact term…

Find the location to embed the optin form…

Remember that ‘Text’ mode is a form of HTML code

You need to leave a space above and below the code before you insert it

Go ahead and make space and then insert the embed code

Be sure to leave space above and below the code…

After you’ve inserted the code scroll back to the top and change the article to ‘Visual’ Mode

Save the article and check out the preview to see the live version and if its working

Scroll down your page until you see your 2-step call to action

When you click on it, the background should fade to grey and your pop up should show…

If it doesn’t work at first its usually because there is no spacing between the embed code and the next line of text in your article

Sometimes even when you’ve added a space you can click to visual mode and the space will have disappeared and the code won’t work

Simply go back into the ‘Text’ mode version and make sure the space is there

You now have that hyperlink text but…

…do you want to make it stand out even better?

How To Add a ‘Johnson Box” To Your 2-Step Offer

As it is right now your 2-step offer doesn’t stand out too much

Now you could in theory go back into leadpages and change it into an image optin or a button optin

But I’ve found from my tests that a ‘Johnson Box” works far better…

A Johnson Box helps your CTA stand out far more and get WAY more clicks…

A Johnson box is an old school direct marketing tool designed to attract your attention

You might still see it in catalogues around the coupon area to cut out etc

Now you don’t need this box BUT I have seen far more clicks when its installed

And its totally free you just need to add a plugin and a slight bit of code

Go across to your menu on the left hand side and find the ‘Plugins > Add New’ And ‘Right click + open in a new tab’

Open the add new plugin in a new tab

OK so the plugin you need to install is called ‘Notice Boxes With Shortcodes’

Search for that in the top right search bar

This what the plugin looks like:

Find the right one…

Just go ahead and install it now and make sure to activate it by clicking the button to confirm

There are a heap of these to choose from.(If possible get this one as this is the one I will share the shortcodes for and other versions will have other shortcodes)

So now the plugin is installed you just need to add a little more code to your 2-step offer

Basically you are going to add a line of code just before the 2-step offer and then another bit of code immediately after

Its a little awkward as I cant write the code here in the article otherwise it disappears and the box appears 😀

This is the code you will be adding just before and after your optin code:

This is the code you need…

OK so because I can’t type it here you can’t copy and paste me

So go to your menu on the left hand side and look for ‘Settings’ and then right click and open ‘Notice Boxes’ in a new tab

Open this in a new tab so you can copy and paste the code…

What you can do is copy the code directly off this new page that opens up

At the top of the page you can see the code for the (‘Nbox= notice’ in brackets)

You need to copy the first part of that code so you can insert it into your article:

Copy the front section of the code

Now go back into your articles ‘Text’ mode and find your optin code you added earlier

Scroll down to it and add the first section of code immediately before it (without a space) and then go back to the other tab and copy the /nbox section of code immediately after it

Add the code immediately before and after the optin code…

Make sure you still have spaces above and below the code

Now go back up to the ‘Visual’ mode and then save the post

Look at the preview and see if its worked…

All finished!

If you want the box to be yellow simply change the text from “notice” to “warning” instead

These are code names for the colors that the notice box plugin uses

Blue is notice, Yellow is warning etc

Same box different colour…

Boom you now have a killer Johnson box highlighting your hyper specific 2-step offer in your high value content

We’re almost finished…

The last step is simply to create an email autoresponder to send them to the download page after they confirm their email

How To Deliver The Download Page Via Email Autoresponder

Right now you have your High Value content and you Hyper Specific Offer

When someone opts in it sends them to a page asking them to go check their email provider to confirm

The thing is… there is no email being sent to them as yet

And this also means that they never get their download bonus 🙁

So that’s what we’re going to implement now:

  • Your going to create a specific list just for this offer (Segmentation is important)
  • Your going to create an email that sends asking them to confirm
  • When they confirm the email they will be re-directed to the download page

And just incase the re-direct didn’t work you are also going to send an email telling them about the bonus and giving a link to it

(This is just good customer service but also helps to have them open a few emails right after joining your list…)

OK so the first step is to create a custom list and ‘form’ over on Active Campaign

Go ahead and log into your account

In the top menu look for ‘Lists’ and click it to open up a new page

Then on the right hand side look for the green button ‘Create New List” and click it:

Create a new list

A new pop up will appear on the page

Give the list a name that’s relevant such as Article XYZ Bonus Download. (The audience will see the name of the list so don’t call it anything random)

Then enter the URL of your website (Not the article URL but the main site)

Finally write a message underneath to remind them why they are there…

(Some people won’t confirm for a few days so I like to also include the original post here just in case)

Fill out all the details for your new list…

Once you’ve filled out all the details be sure to click the green ‘Create List’ button

Now that the list is finished you need to create a ‘Form’ to accompany it


Well this form connects to this specific list so that when someone fills it out, they are joined to this list

In a second you’ll connect this form to your 2-step optin so that when people click to optin they are added to this list and the emails are sent to them…

So in the top menu look for the ‘Forms’ section and click it to open a new page

When this page loads up click the green ‘New Form’ button on the top right of the page:

Create your new ‘form’

Fill out the form details

Give it a name. Nothing generic as you will likely make a lot of these and will forget List #1 etc

Make the action for the form to take to be ‘Subscribe to List”

This way anyone who enters their email is then subscribed

Then the last option is to select which list to connect this to. Use the list you just made by selecting it from the dropdown menu

Finally click the green button to create the form:

Be sure to pick the correct list you made

OK so now that you’ve filled that out a new page will load up

This is where you need to edit a few details

First thing is to remove any additional fields that your 2-step optin form is not using:

Fill out your form details…

Then go ahead and give it a name and a quick intro

Then go to the top right of the screen and select the ‘Options” button

Below that in the ‘On Submit’ section select ‘Open URL” and enter the URL of the download bonus page you made earlier

This means rather than them getting a random pop up saying ‘Thanks!’ it should take them straight to the download page

Finally click the gear icon next to your list so you can edit the confirmation email that’s sent when they originally optin to your 2-step offer:

Make sure the optin confirmation is set to ‘ON’

First check that the correct list is attached to this form

Then make sure that the Optin confirmation button is set to ‘ON’

Then click the ‘Edit’ button to edit the optin email

A new pop up will appear where you can now edit your confirmation email:

Fill out a more appealing headline and introduction

Then click the green call to action button in the email and edit the text

That’s the email looking all awesome

Next click the green ‘Done’ button in the top right to go back to the previous page

Now you need to edit the URL that people are sent to when they have confirmed:

A new tab will appear for your download page URL

On the pop up you will the ‘Confirmation Action’ section

Click the drop down menu and select ‘Redirect To URL’ and a new bar will appear for you to add the URL

Enter the download page you created before and then click the green ‘Save button’

Now when someone confirms the email it will send them to the download page and all those killer bonuses

So what next?

Well you could leave it there but for good customer experience you need to send an automated email also


Some people don’t have popups enabled etc and so the page might not load for them when they click the confirmation

Also sending an email with a link to the download page helps condition the reader to open emails from you

They just opened 2 emails from you  in a short period of time…

…this makes them become more likely to open more in the future. Also it helps lower your spam rating by getting all those opens and clicks!

So lets set up your email to be sent on automation

Head back up to the top menu and select ‘Automations’

When the new page loads up go ahead and click the green button in the top right that says ‘New Automation”

Create your new automation…

OK so now a new pop up appears

Active Campaign has some awesome pre-built email automations you can check out-they will definitely help you grow your business

For now though you just want to create a simply autoresponder to send an email directing your reader to the bonus page

Select ‘Start from Scratch’ and then click the green Create’ button:

Select start from scratch…

OK so a HEAP of new options will appear in a new pop up

There are so many ways to trigger how to start the email automation

We could in theory use ‘Submits a form’ but for now just use the ‘Subscribes to List’ button:

Choose your automation trigger!

This will load a new pop up asking you which list to attach to this subscriber

Be sure to select the correct list that you made earlier

This way when someone is subscribed to that particular list they only get this email and not anyone else:

Select the correct list to start this automation…

Then choose how many times this should be sent to this subscriber. They only need to get this email once

Then click the green ‘Add Start’ button to load up the email automation builder

Welcome to the autoresponder automation builder…

There are soooo many things that you can set up here

Start off by clicking the small ‘+’ sign underneath to choose what happens when someone subscribes

A new pop up will load

Choose the sending options…

Select the top option on the left ‘Sending options’ and a new menu will appear

Then select ‘Send Email’

A new pop up appears asking you to create a new email to send:

Create your email to use in your automation…

Click the blue hyperlink ‘Create an email” and the email creation tool will load up

Almost finished!

Give the new email a name that you will remember and the press the green ‘Create’ button:

This loads up a new page where you can create your email to be sent

The first thing to do is choose from the many template options

Personally I prefer to build the email from scratch so for now just choose that option:

Choose the blank template for now

Once you select that a new pop up will ask you to pick a rough template

Just choose the ‘Newsletter’ option for now and click ok

Another new popup will appear

It asks for the email headline that will appear for your reader

Call it something super simple like ‘Here are your XYZ Bonuses” Get them now

So the email editor now loads

Go ahead and give your email a custom image if you like (Or simply delete it)

Then write a very basic email letting them know:

  • Thanks for opting in
  • What they are getting
  • Where to click to go get it

Then simply highlight the area to click and press the link button to add a hyperlink. Attach that to the download page from before

Almost done

Click the green ‘Next’ button at the top right of the page…

This loads up the final checks for the email

Scroll down until you see a button marked ‘Desktop Preview’ and click it

Quickly check the email looks all correct

This will allow you to check your email and how it will look when sent (Just incase any changes haven’t saved etc its always best to check)

Click that and a pop up appears

Make sure you can see the image, the text and the hyper link to the content

If the email looks fine then simply click the green ‘Finish’ button in the top right of the previous page

All you need to do now is simply ‘activate’ the email so that when anyone opts into your Hyper Specific Bonus, this email will be sent to them!

At that’s it done for Chapter 2 (Step 2)

You now have a High Value Content Asset attracting your audience

And you also have a Hyper Specific Next Step offer set up via a 2-step optin

When someone clicks the button they are highly likely to enter their email address

This takes them to the confirmation page (Stopping campaigns from targeting them) and then your autoresponder sends their bonus email

I know this chapter was an absolute beast to get through but its important you have all this set up correctly

This step alone can help you see an increase from 2% optins up to 15% or higher!

If you get even 3,000 website visitors per month (Fairly standard traffic) then you are looking at a difference of:

  • 702 emails per year before you set this up and
  • 5,400 emails per year after part 2 is set up alone…

That is a HUGE difference in leads which means more sales and a happier business right!?

Well if you stopped there you would totally change your business

Lets so some ‘pirate metrics’ of how that might affect your sales

Lets assume you have a $150 product

On average your email list will convert say 20% of those people into customers

If you stay with 2% optins and send emails and make sales you will get around $21,000 in sales

(That’s 140 sales of a $150 product)

But if you implement these first 2 steps and sell at the same conversion rates?

You would make around $162,000 in sales for that year from those new leads…

No laughing matter eh!

But if you set up the systems in Chapter 3 you would be looking at much higher optins for far lower cost than sending cold traffic

Are you ready to collect even more emails?

Grab a coffee (Or beverage of choice) and then lets start doing some awesome retargeting

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