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For speaking arrangements, to book me on your show or podcast or if you would like me to write for your audience then please contact my assistant at support@InboundAscension.com

I am more than happy to talk about the following topics:

Retargeting and Remarketing

Anything from the various channels and platforms to the future of retargeting, or even chat at an introductory level to help your audience understand and get started with Retargeting

We can even help break down campaigns and run Q+A sessions

Sales Psychology and Neuroscience in Sales

If you look at my content we use a lot of retargeting to create dynamic, changing sequences of interactions

Campaigns that adjust based on user interactions to provide the best customer experience while also facilitating behavior change and conditioning

A lot of this is based on old school direct response principles, coupled with a few other nerdy things

If you feel you have another relevant topic that you would like to talk about then feel free to pitch me

Again that email is:


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Want To Sneak Behind The Scenes Of Our 7,245% Retargeting Campaign? Interview With James Kemp Of GrowthHQ

James is the former Marketing Director of GrabOne, a New Zealand based business that’s similar to Groupon

During his time there he helped them scale to $100 Million dollars in sales which is no small feat!

He now runs GrowthHQ and is a consultant to many branches of Fortune 500 companies here in New Zealand

In this exclusive interview we break down my Facebook Fishing Formula, the future of Retargeting, the tools we use and more

We even disagree of a few things which makes for good entertainment!

Interview with James Kemp of GrowthHQ

Click the link above to head to his page or check the embedded video below:

Want To See Behind The Scenes Of Our $18,750 In Sales For Only $114 In Ads,  Bodyglove Wetsuit Campaign? (Exclusive Interview With The Content Champion Podcast)

Loz James is a copywriter and marketer and host of the hugely successful ‘Content Champion’ Podcast

Not only does he write fantastic campaigns for the likes of British Airways, but he also seems to manage to find the time to interview some fantastic guests

If you haven’t listened to his show before, I highly recommend it as he manages to pull some brilliant nuggets of information

Former Guests include:

  • John Lee Dumas (Ex marine podcaster doing routinely $250,000 per month via his podcast)
  • Brian Dean (SEO Ninja and underrated copywriter running Backlinko and ranking top in SEO all solo!)
  • Kristi Hines (Social media and blogging maverick)
  • Zac Johnson (Affiliate income wizard)
  • Neil Patel (Absolute content marketing master. He knocks out around 11,000 words of content a day and has the results to show for it)
  • Peep Laja (Page conversion master at ConversionXL)
  • Jon Morrow (Genuine content that converts and hugely powerful writer

In this interview we chat about the basics of Facebook Retargeting, and then dive into the details of our e-commerce campaign we ran with the BodyGlove wetsuit company

For $24 in Retargeting ads we generated $18,750 in sales in just 3 days

We would have sold more but they ran out of sizes

Hear behind the scenes details here:

Just Starting Out With Retargeting Or In Business In General? Learn How To BootStrap Your Business And Make More Sales With Low Cost Retargeting

Exclusive Interview With Eric Cozart of ‘Dirt Cheap Startup’

Not everyone is at the same point in their business right?

Some people have a small fortune to spend on advertising each month, and others are just trying to make a few more sales

Not many people know but my very first retargeting campaign was only a $12 ad spend, and results in over a thousand dollars in sales

In this exlusive interview with Eric Cozart of DirtCheapStartup we chat in detail about this facebook retargeting case study, and how we got started

If you’re just starting out, or worried about how much you need to spend each month, then I HIGHLY suggest you check out this interview

Spoiler alert: You can get started for as little as $5 per day

Check it out now

Questions And Answers Deep Dive And Retargeting Breakdown With Entrepreneurs Roundtable

(Featuring Co-Hosts Mike Doyle And Jarod Elrod)

Entrepreneurs Roundtable is a mastermind group of small business owners, chatting marketing, sales, digital marketing and more

Here is our 2nd interview with the 2 hosts where we break down Retargeting campaigns and answer live questions from their audience

Again listen in and see how Retargeting can relate to your business, how you can get started for very little spend, and how you can grow our sales by increasing your touch points

Check it out below:

Interview with Mike and Jarod over at Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Want To Check Out My Featured Thoughts On Traffic And Promotion Alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki And More

For those of you who know our work you probably know that we do quite well with content creation and content promotion

My partner Freyja runs our sister site, Ampmycontent.com where she breaks down content promotion methods

Her focus is on writing less content but getting better results by focusing on promotion instead

This has lead to:

  • Content shared by the CEO of Microsoft
  • Top #10 Content of all time on Inbound.org
  • Being featured in GrowtHackers as top content to read 3 weeks in a row
  • 2.7 Million social views of a single article and growing
  • Between 50-85% email optin rates with content
  • 50,000 Visitors to a brand new site with only 2 blog posts and $3 Million in client requests and much more…

All crazy results, all from content promotion

Here is an article I contributed to recently alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki and other such esteemed marketing peers on content promotion techniques

(I was incredibly honored and humbled to be featured)

marketing titans

What To Book Me For Your Show?

Again if you would like to interview me for your show or podcast, have me write for your site or for speaking arrangements

Please contact my assistant at:



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