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If you’re new to the world of retargeting, online business or simply don’t have the conversions on your site that you want, this blog is for you!

Retargeting: The IA Definition

In order to make the most of the traffic on your website, you need to maximise the “Conversions” that take place.

(A conversion can be classified as the reader taking the desired action)

Most people have the idea that retargeting is simply advertising a product to someone who visited a page but didn’t buy….but I totally disagree.

From my experience retargeting is:

Continuing conversations with a reader to help attract, educate and convert them to a customer, over and over again. This is supplemented with Automation Funnels, Quality Inbound Content, and Repeat Sales Systems

In other words, we don’t just focus on chasing customers around the internet with an image of a product…

Instead we understand where they are in the buyers cycle and help to remind and move them forward towards an eventual purchase. We provide excellent content and answer questions, and then build systems to make them happy spokespeople for your brand!

(80% of your business profits will come from return customers-do you have a system in place?)

How Inbound Ascension Retargeting Works

The simplest way to think of it is this:

A visitor comes to your site, and you take notice. You then have the ability via Facebook, Twitter, certain email providers and Google’s Ad Platform to show them messages or adverts to invoke a call to action.

Its best to think of this from a conversation:

  • They visit your site and look at basic content (like this article). They must have a desire or interest in your services at some level.
  • Rather than push them towards a purchase, educating with more detailed content like this will help move them closer to becoming a customer. (It’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a retargeting campaign for yourself, totally for free)
  • At this point your reader is much closer to taking action. You can help them evaluate their final options, move them towards some comparisons or help show testimonials/videos or further guides.

What Retargeting Is Not

Lets dispel a few assumptions before we go into more detail.

1. Retargeting is not a push button solution.

Most people will advise you to set up basic retargeting for a product as a constant reminder to a previous viewer.

They chase them around the internet with a picture of the product everywhere they go… And for some people this will do the trick. Even as basic as this will convert some of your readers.

Maybe they forgot to purchase, the phone rang or they had to leave the house and never got around to ordering. The reminder was all they needed

Instead you should understand what other reasons stopped the purchase?

2. All those who don’t buy just need reminding

Some people will buy for different reasons, and not buy for reasons just as different

Maybe your offer was wrong, they couldn’t understand the payment methods or they need more information?

Maybe you positioned the offer incorrectly?

Your retargeting you should attempt to understand the different customers you have, and build systems to appeal to their different motivations, and also solve any problems that’s halting their purchase.

Don’t assume you need to send a discount voucher. Maybe you need to offer a more expensive and more valuable product?

3. Retargeting does not happen immediately

To be able to track traffic to your site, you need a minimum of 10 page viewers. Not a great deal, and we’ve seen huge ROI from just a 20 person group

But your campaigns wont start to show until your audience is big enough. Also, if you’re not altering your messages and copy for your campaigns, it can take up to 15 views of your advert before the reader takes action.

Retargeting: What To Expect

By having the most basic of retargeting systems in place, current industry averages see a 200% ROI from your investment.

i.e for every $100 spent, $200 in return…

This of course can vary with how often your campaign has been seen, and your site traffic.

(You could hit the $99 investment mark before you see all your return, likewise you could see a great return at the start of the campaign and then slow down)

We recommend starting with the most basic of methods using:

  • Facebook Business page (Free)
  • Your Website
  • Canva Image Tool (Free + paid offers)

You can use our step-by-step guide here for The Facebook Fishing Formula where we walk you through creating a FB Business page, how to set up tracking, how to choose which products to track and see how we created $597 for only $0.44 ad spend

(Update: Now at over $1200 for only $2.20)

Then you can read our more advanced guides…

Like this one where we created an ascension retargeting series with a national wetsuit company to see $18,750 in sales for only $114 ad spend!

Advanced Retargeting

As you get more indepth with your retargeting, we will move into other areas as well as how to build systems to increase conversions by blending retargeting with content marketing, email marketing and sales funnels...

To learn more check out our articles over on the blog HERE

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