Ask any entrepreneur who’s making bank and they will tell you the same thing:

If you want to have success, then you should model successful people

Quite simple really

You find someone who’s doing something or succeeded in an area that you are interested in, and you follow the same path…

Want to be an Olympic Bodybuilder?

Follow Arnie’s routines

Want to help heal people?

Listen to my man Tony Robbins

See how it works?

Well my issue has always been stretch goals…

Planning out and implementing long term tasks

Which is why I model Elon…


Elon is my homeboy and guess what?

Elon Musk gives zero fucks

The guy makes a plan and sticks to it…

…if something goes wrong, he knows the goal and realigns within minutes

If you’ve ever read his book you can see how effectively he takes action

Needs a part for a launch but will take too long?

He does the math and puts it on his private jet and gets it there the next morning

So what does that have to do with this post?

And how does this help with long term stretch goals?

You may not be aware but Elon runs Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity. These are 3 Billion dollar companies that in theory should not have succeeded…

The reason for their success is clear focus on a goal

They stick to the path and don’t deviate

I’ve been quiet the last few months as I have been slowly working away on projects, and I want to share them with you now, and help explain the silence and what we have been working on

I’ve also had some minor health issues to work through, and one of the main ways to succeed with this laser focus and attention to a goal

  • Make the goal
  • Set the tasks
  • See them through without thinking about it or 2nd guessing…

You will have seen that many blogs are currently writing posts to round up their year or maybe to set goals for their 2017

Well my brain doesn’t quite work like that

I want to share with you what I’ve been covertly working on for the last 5 months and what may take me the next 5 years to finish…

Introducing The InboundAscension Top Secret 5 Year Plan For World Domination  Changing How We Engage, Interact And Sell Online

OK so heads up

I’m not creating a solar company or trying to get to Mars…

Instead I’ve been working on ways to better help you, my wonderful reader

With this in mind there are 3 core points I wanted to address:

  • I hate when people teach marketing, but the only examples they can give are from them marketing…their own marketing company
  • Marketing for clients is great, but you can’t always test out new methods and ideas
  • And finally, you can’t understand how best to help people UNLESS you put yourself into their shoes…

I’ve had issues before where I can’t show methods or results due to NDA’s and that’s a serious pain when it comes to sharing with you

So I needed to find an alternative solution

I realized I could either do a free case study where I could show all results of our campaigns or…

I could simply build out new businesses and test campaigns for our own products in other fields

Time consuming yes but this gives us some very unique benefits

Now as I said before, I don’t want to be that guy who’s only examples of Marketing are from campaigns for their own marketing company

So I’ve decided to to take Shopify and Mailchimp’s example, and create new businesses in my readers niches, to help understand what you need, and to share my results with you

This way I can help you to the best of our abilities, understand your needs and struggles and also get to share and test methods with you with full transparency

This is not a short process, hence the 5 year timeline broken down below…

Step 1: Create A Business In The Services And Digital Product Space, To Test Our Methods And Share Our Campaigns

The goal…to have a business in the consulting/services digital space that IS NOT THIS SITE and which we can market and share our campaigns

We could quite easily just report back on sales of products and services inside of Inbound Ascension but that feels wierd

Like those coaches who train people how to make money by becoming coaches, who then train people how to be other coaches…

…it just doesn’t seem right

So this new business is in another channel but is also complimentary to our current audience

The Product?

Content Promotion Strategy and services i.e how to create killer content that generates thousands of visitors to your site via indepth content promotion and case studies

Think of it like InboundAscension quality content but teaching you how to drive traffic to your site via multiple guides and different channels (And then of course you can learn how to sell to them with retargeting over here :P)

Apologies if this all sounds confusing…

So here’s the thing:

Although we teach Retargeting and Sales Psychology, we actually use Content Marketing and Content Promotion to grow our business

Now it doesn’t make sense to talk about Content Marketing on this site, simply because it doesn’t align with what our audience comes here for, and would dilute our brand on this particular site

But that being said, we have had amazing results with content (50,000 views in 14 days to a new site etc)

Add in the fact that we have also systemised our content creation and promotion process for our team to follow, and we have a highly valuable asset for growing traffic to a business online

As an added super bonus, my partner Freyja is an incredible content marketer

She has had content on the front page of Hacker News, Inbound, Growthhackers and more…although you wouldn’t know her name or will have realized you are reading her content

The opportunity was too good to miss and so we have created a content marketing and services site with her to grow her personal brand in the content promotion space

She runs the site and we have helped out with product creation from our staff training systems, and added her own methods and techniques

Her goal is to grow this content promotion business to 100,000 monthly visitors, and show her readers how to do the same

(Pretty cool goal eh!)

InboundAscension team members may write a few posts, but the main goal from us is to share our retargeting methods on here, detailing how we use them to help sell her training and services

This way we have access to campaigns that we can share for our readers in the digital and services/consulting space, so you can see how well these methods work

We’ll share her site and some of her content soon at the end of January with an amazing free gift from her…

So that’s step 1

This will also allow us to learn specific issues you may have with selling services and test new methods

But what about our non service businesses readers?…

Step 2: Create A Physical Product Business And Show Our Methods For Retargeting Physical Product Sales

Selling services and digital products is great, but what about the physical product owners?

In reality, the processes to sell anything online are very similar but the methods may have to be tweaked slightly or adjusted for e-commerce

Its nothing huge, just a few different techniques and strategies that have to be altered

But by having two separate channels of testing we can show more conclusive case studies

And so our goal here is to show you how we use retargeting for ecommerce, how it works, and current best practices and case studies

We have a site ready to go, and are currently running campaigns with some colleagues sites that we can share until then

So why bother creating this site if we can share their campaigns?

Simply again so we can test and adjust while fully understanding our e-commerce readers needs

This site AND the digital services site will be shared later when their are up and making sales so as not to skew traffic early on…

Step 3: Create And Release Premium Training To Teach ALL Our Methods

We’ve actually had this in Beta for over a year and hit a small snafu when we realised we couldn’t share all our campaigns

We’re currently running case studies on the 2 properties in steps 1 and 2 so that we can get this information to our early adopters as soon as possible (As well as a few added bonuses for being patient)

This is our Premium Offering and covers every area of Retargeting that we do

That being said…

…it is quite deep and advance, and covers multiple campaign areas from start to finish

(Those who have it LOVE it but they may be guilty of being fellow nerds also :P)

It walks you through what campaigns to create, in exact order, so that you can make more sales and collect more leads on higher ROI

But like I said, its very detailed which can cause some slight overwhelm if you haven’t done any retargeting before

Which is why we have this planned for step 4…

Step 4: Create Segmented Training For Each Part Of Our Retargeting Methods (Ascension, Reframing, E-Commerce, Email Retargeting and Full Funnel Tracking)

So as you can see we use Retargeting for multiple methods

To create behaviours, to reframe objections and make sales and we do this on multiple channels to ensure delivery of message and frame of mind

I wont lie to you, this is a HEAP of work and depth

But for each stage you can implement, you will see compound effects on your sales and your results

Your ROI increases and your customer has a better experience with your site

Its honestly how I see the future of online sales

Multiple adaptive marketing channels to provide the very best customer experience

But because it can be slightly overwhelming, our goal here is to break down this advanced course into different smaller training channels

This will allow you to start implementing different types of Dynamic Retargeting and allow you to focus on a key area

For Example

If you want to help condition a level of awareness and behavior with very high email optins (68% at last test) then you would want to invest in our Ascension Retargeting training

If you wanted to connect your email directly into your campaigns, then you would get the Email Retargeting course etc

Now our Premium courses and segmented courses will HUGELY affect businesses, but there’s also the issue of wanting to help out the little guy…

Step 5: Use The Premium Training Funds To Build A 10,000 Member Low Cost Community Training Platform

Not everyone can afford our premium training immediately

Some businesses may need help with a just a few areas or even to get started…

The irony of cause is that if they make a few more sales then they can afford the Premium Training

Its a Chicken and Egg situation

Likewise it can also be quite costly to build a platform to help train and interact with 1000s of members

We need the Premium Sales funds to help create training for the community platform

Which is why we will use the funding from the Premium Training to help build a team to manage and create a Retargeting Community Network

Here people will have access to simplified training, interviews, case studies and more

Think of this as a jumping on point, with the Premium Training being the most advanced but also walking you through everything step by step

Here you can pick and choose what to implement as simple stages

You will also have the opportunity to share campaigns with colleagues and see whats working in Retargeting today

Step 6 And 7: Scale Up and Help 10,000 Members

Our goal here is to start creating content that can help attract and appeal to businesses who may not know what Retargeting is yet

My overarching goal is to change the way that businesses, interact and engage online

By improving these processes, they can make more sales from the traffic they already have

But any goal without measurement is hard to track, which is why I want to provisionally aim to help 10,000 businesses improve their sales and engagement online with Retargeting

I have had a book 90% complete and a podcast with content ready to go

But likewise I would rather be able to share campaigns directly with you first before I hit go on this

Every other step above this needs to come first, as they are a higher priority

Which leads us to the final goal…

Step 8: Create A Software Solution To Help Track, Measure And Implement Retargeting Campaigns With Full Tracking Systems

The goal here is to provide an all inclusive solution that aligns with the methods we teach at InboundAscension

By creating our own product we can customize and adapt as platforms change, so we can offer the best option for ourselves and for our readers

There may be options out there, but by controlling our own AND actually using it to sell with our own platforms and products, we will be able to provide the very best solution in the marketplace…

So there you have it

The 8 Steps in our 5 year plan

Now in fairness we could implement all of these in a month or so

But the goal is to use them to create high value assets that will last for many years, hence why they are taking so long (And why you haven’t heard from me)

But what it does mean is that we will soon be in a position to give you unparalleled advice and guidance in the field of retargeting and remarketing

In Summary:

  1. Create services and digital product business in another area (and test and share methods)
  2. Create physical product business in other area to test and tweak methods (To again share)
  3. Release high end premium training program (All inclusive training for early adopters/latest methods and case studies)
  4. Release training broken down into key areas (Ascension, Reframing, E-com Focused, Email Retargeting, Full Funnel Tracking to help implement easier)
  5. Use Premium Training to later fund creation of low cost membership community to help 10,000 business owners with their retargeting and sales online
  6. Finish our book on Advanced Retargeting to help attract and educate a new audience, to help meet our 10,000 businesses helped goal
  7. Launch Podcast and interviews to bring top psychologists and direct response marketers to you, and help them share their knowledge with our readers
  8. Create SAAS product to help members implement campaigns, improve ads and run full tracking from initial site visitor to sale

Will your business be one of the 10,000 we help grow?

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